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{April 26, 2010}   Book

Songz Weapons Of Seduction

Written by: SongzCougars

Chapter 1

Songzcougars:       It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and I just finished getting a manicure and pedicure. As I stepped out of salon, there he stood

LuvlyLadyK83:    With his black tee, dark denim jeans, and a fresh cut looking good as ever

Oneshadowlove:        While leaning on his black Mercedes Benz rubbing his chin and nodding  for me to come over

 Heavensbest_ttu:     He asked, “Why you standing over there by yourself  for, why don’t you come over here”…..

 Onyxlibra7:                So I sashayed over slowly and asked, ” May I help you?”

Oneshadowlove:        He said, “What’s Up” I couldn’t help staring into his bedroom eyes while seductively biting my bottom lip. He asked

 Songzcougars:          “Would you do me the honor of accompanying me on a date tonight?”

 Sunni_Songz:             I said “No, um I mean yes”, He smiled and asked, “Well which one is it babe?”

 MrsTreySongz4ev:   I replied, ” Oh I’m sorry yes, Yes, YES!!!!!

 Chrissy_on_Ice:     So where are we going? I asked in a seductive way, he replied, ” I’m going to take you places you’ve never been before”

 Songzcougars:          We both laughed, ” I’ll be ready at 8pm so don’t be late” He replied, “babe I’m never late, I’m always on time” So as I walked away, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was watching. To my surprise as I turned around he was staring at me shaking his head with a smirk on his face. I gave him a wink and waved goodbye.

 Heavensbest_ttu:    The time was 7:45pm and I was doing the finishing touches to my hair and make-up, I heard the doorbell ring and it was him. I opened the door and

 Oneshadowlove:      He must have seen my knees shaking, so he put his arms out that was covered with sexy tattoos and said,

 Chrissy_On_Ice:    ” I got you sweetie, we’re going take it nice and slow, no need to be nervous” He opened the car door and we drove into the night. As we talked in the car he re-assured me that

BaddestDiva35:        I’m just a regular dude, so let’s take a deep breath together. as we took our long deep breath, we drove to the beach. He opened the door and said

 Jessicachante:         I hope you’re not afraid to get your feet wet, lets walk by the water.

 Chrissy_on_Ice:      So we walked hand in hand and suddenly I realized that I was right where I wanted to be with him and I was more relaxed than ever

 Chrissy_on_Ice:      As we walked the shoreline my feet got wet and I said, ” Boy prepare for the splash down of your life” so I kicked the salty ocean water onto him and ran

 BaddestDiva35:       As fast as I could so he wouldn’t catch me, but I guess I wasn’t running fast  enough because he caught me and we fell on the sand. He leaned in

 Mercedes_Alexis:  And I said jokingly, “What makes you think you deserve what your leaning in for Mr. Neverson???

 Sunni_Songz:           The feel of his breath against my skin made me moist instantly, but I had to control myself

 Chrissy_On_Ice:     I pulled away and cracked a sexy smile. “good things come to those who wait and the longer you wait, the better it will be”

 Chrissy_On_Ice:     He replied, ” Baby I will wait for you as long as it takes” ( in that sexy country accent)

 Songzcougars:          So we left the beach and went to “Beloved” a new Italian Restaurant. The hostess showed us to our table and the waitress came shortly after. As we placed our order I noticed that the waitress couldn’t keep her eyes off of him

 Chrissy_On_Ice:     So I asked him, ” how does it feel to be the most desirable man on earth right now?”

 Mercedes_Alexis:  Someone wants you! He looked me directly in my eyes with one eyebrow raised and said, ” so, but I want you”

 MrsTreySongz4ev:  He looked at me as if he could eat me for dinner

 Songzcougars:          So the waitress returned with our dinner. I ordered Spaghetti and he ordered Lasagna. I asked if he wanted to try some of my food and he said yes, so I scooped up a small helping

 Ms_NikkiBaby:         He gave me a playful smirk and said, “easy babe” with his mouth slightly opened

 Oneshadowlove:       I fed it to him. He then took a glass of champagne and told me to Say Ahh before pouring the liquid into my mouth

Chrissy_on_Ice:       Dinner was very intimate and sensual especially after we decided to share desert where he fed me and I fed him.

 Songzcougars:          So after dinner he asked, ” what would you like to do next?” I paused and thought about it and replied

 jessicachante:           Let’s do something crazy and spontaneous

 Songzcougars:           However for some reason we ended up back at his place. As we pulled into the 4 car garage. Since the temperature had dropped so low

 oneshadowlove:      We ended up on the floor by a nice lit fireplace. I laid my head on his shoulder while he sang to me. He paused and asked, “are you comfortable?”

 jessicachante:           “I am as comfortable as you are, I hope you’re not ready to end our evening together just yet?” I replied

 Songzcougars:           He smiled at me and kissed me on my forehead. I felt my heart skip a beat    

 Oneshadowlove:       He held me so close and asked me if I wanted to go home. I replied, “no, I just want to stay in your arms” he happily obliged.

 Chrissy_On_Ice:      As the night went on, we laughed and talked for hours. Time went by so fast we didn’t even realize that it had gotten so late

TheFItAttendant:    Eventually we both ended up dozing off in each other’s arms. He held me so close I could feel his heartbeat.

 Songzcougars:          The time was now 7am. I woke up in disbelief, I thought I was dreaming until the aroma of turkey bacon, eggs, grits, biscuits, and fresh fruit filled the air

 Chrissy_on_Ice”      I thought to myself, this man is phenomenal ! He sings, he’s romantic, and he knows how to treat a lady and to top it all off

 Songzcougars:           He cooks…owwww! He caught me in my moment and asks, “why are you looking    like that?!” and smiled

 Oneshadowlove”       I could just tell by the smell that I knew he was from down south. So I joined him in the kitchen where the table was set. My spot tingled

Songzcougars:          After we enjoyed eating breakfast, I offered to clean up the kitchen. he said, “no babe, I got this you just go and relax” Soon after he finished cleaning up the kitchen he drove me home. Once we arrived at my house he opened the car door and walked me to my front door. He asked, “Can I see you later today?” I said yes and kissed him on the cheek and walked into my house. As I closed the door, I thought to myself

Chrissy_On_Ice:    I’ve died and gone to heaven, LORD whatever I did to deserve this man THANK YOU!


Chapter 2

 Songzcougars:         As I prepared to take a long hot bubble bath to relax my phone began to ring……it was Trey

 Oneshadowlove:    He received a phone call from his publicist saying that he could have the day off and since it was another beautiful day we decided to go to a carnival.

 Heavensbest_ttu:    A few hours had passed and he arrived promptly at my house at 6pm. So as we drove to the carnival, the windows were down, the music was playing, and then “I Need A Girl” came on the radio, he looked at me and

 Songzcougars:          Began to sing. He looked at me with those piercing eyes as if he could see my inner thoughts and asked,

 Oneshadowlove:    “Do you like that song?” I answered “Most definitely, what’s not to like especially when you sing it! and replied, “thank you babe”

 Baddestdiva35:        So he continue to stare at me and then he smiled, so I smiled back and asked,”What’s up, why are you smiling at me like that?”

 Songzcougars:          He said, “no reason” and licked his lips. By this time we had made it to the carnival. It was so many games and rides and of course the      main attraction,the big Ferris Wheel

 Oneshadowlove:     He asked, ” You aren’t afraid are you baby?” I said “Of what?!” as I looked at him with my lips pouted ” of the rides babe relax”….and I did

 Heavensbest_ttu:   We rode just about every ride, played all the games and he even won me a big stuffed animal

Baddestdiva35:        So we finally made our way towards the Ferris wheel and got in line. Once we made it in the Ferris Wheel he says,

 Songzcougars:        Take this pillow right here, it caught me by surprise and before I knew it I said,”Excuse Me” (as I rolled my neck) he said, ” The pillow that goes with your stuff animal!!…we both burst out laughing, I was so embarrassed. He asked, ” What did you think I meant when I said that?” with a smirk on his face, I just replied” Nothing” and looked away. I saw him out the corner of my eye nodding his head and saying ummm hmmm

 Heavensbest_ttu:   So the Ferris Wheel began to move, the sun began to set and the view was like no other. Before we knew it, we had stopped right at the top. I was a little nervous and said,

 Baddestdiva35:       I know this Ferris Wheel didn’t stop and we at the top?!” He looked at me and said, ” Don’t worry babe, I got you”

 Shantelly84:             As we sat at the top of the Ferris Wheel, we looked up at the stars and glazed into each other eyes

 Heavensbest_ttu:  He could tell that I was a little chilly, so he took his jacket off and wrap it around me squeezing my tightly. I couldn’t help but notice how his muscles popped out and the smell of his cologne enticed me

 Chrissy_On_Ice:    He noticed me staring at his muscles and suddenly that chill disappeared and a warm rush flowed over my body and he could tell so he asked, ” Are you ok?”

 Oneshadowlove:     I lied and said yes I’m ok. Thinking to myself, please don’t let me be weak for this man. The last thing I need is a broken heart

 Songzcougars:        Then he leaned in and asked, ” Is it ok if I taste your sweet lips?” and before I knew it, my tongue was down his throat!!……ok not really, but I wanted it to be! lol

 Chrissy_on_Ice:    I Couldn’t wait for the touch of his sensual soft lips, so I leaned in first and he met me half way

 Sunni_Songz:          He tasted so good. I didn’t want the kiss to end. My body was getting warm

 Oneshadowlove:   I had to pull back because I was not giving in to any 2nd date sex. He asked,”Why did you pull away, that kiss was incredible!”

 Songzcougars:      As he gazed into my eyes I was speechless, as I was about to lean in and give him another passionate kiss we both hadn’t realized that the Ferris Wheel had already began moving again and we were back at the bottom

Heavensbest_ttu: We exited out of the Ferris Wheel and headed over to a shed where they had musical performances. As we sat and enjoyed the music, to my surprise he asked me to dance?

 Heavensbest_ttu:    As we moved towards the dance floor all I could think was, he can’t dance! so this should be fun and interesting, so as the music played

 Chrissy_on_Ice:      I said to him in a sassy tone, ” I heard you can’t dance so let me show you a step or two” he smiled and obliged me

 Oneshadowlove:     After we danced, we decided to slow things down a notch and take in a movie. He mentioned that he doesn’t get to see movies that often, but tonight that will change.

 TheFltAttendant:    I suggested that we go to this drive in movie theater that plays a lot of old classics movies as well as scary movies.

BaddestDiva35:       So as we entered into the drive in he asked, ” What kind of movie do you want to see?” I replied, ” Whatever you want to watch, I’m not picky”

 Heavensbest_ttu:   We found a good spot to park and there wasn’t a lot of cars which was good.So half way through the movie, I heard a strange noise. I looked over and it was him snoring.

 Songzcougars:       I thought to myself, poor baby, he must really be tired or this movie must really suck that I chose.

 Oneshadowlove:   I laughed at myself and leaned over into him and rubbed his head while he slept the deep waves in his hair felt really good.

 Sunni_Songz:         I also debated if I should take advantage of the situation by lifting up his shirt to get a close look at that 6 pack or just snuggle up next to him

 Chrissy_on_Ice:   So I just let him sleep. He looked as if he was an angel sent from GOD to me and he had an indescribable glow.

 BaddestDiva35:    As I continued to watch the movie, there was a part that caught me off guard and I screamed! He jumped up and said, “what’s up babe, is everything alright?” I said, ” yeah I’m good, just one part in the movie caught me off guard

 Chrissy_on_Ice:   He laughed and said ” I’m sorry babe, you know I’ve been working hard these past couple months

Oneshadowlove:    I replied, “yes I know. I bet you have all the ladies panties dropping while you’re on the road huh?” he said, ” naw babe, they don’t move me”

 Oneshadowlove:    So we finally left the drive in and he took me home. He walked me to my door step and gave me this stare that told me that he wanted something.

 LetsGoLilKitty:      As he hugged me tightly, I inhaled his Dolce & Gabbana cologne

 Chrissy_on_Ice:    I never wanted to let him go, but I knew that this was the beginning of something special

 Songzcougars:        We stood at the door for only 10 minutes, however, it felt like an eternity He eventually asked me, “when can I see you again?”

 Oneshadowlove:    I replied, ” soon and maybe if you stay a gentleman I just might have you thinking you invented sex” then I closed the door


Chapter 3

Songzcougars:        As I watched his black Mercedes Benz drive away, all I could think about is what a great time we had and how his body would have felt on top of mine

 MrsTreySongz4ev: And how I got such a rush every time we kissed and he bit my bottom lip

Oneshadowlove:    I jumped in the shower so I can cool myself off from the way I was feeling after an incredible night.

 06trey54:                I replayed everything in my head as the steamy hot water dripped down my body

 Oneshadowlove:   I decided to climb into my warm bed and dream about what was in store for the both of us. Was it that he could be the wind beneath my wing

 Heavensbest_ttu: Or was I just lusting after his body. All I could think about is that line ” I know we about to sin but your body is a blessing”

 MrsTreySongz4ev:  My dreams weren’t even dreams that night, they were just scenes from my fantasies that kept popping in my head as I kept waking up

 Chrissy_on_Ice:        Thoughts continued to race through my head all night as I tossed and turned wanting to fulfill the desires I had for him and

 MrsTreySongz4ev:   For some reason the thought of me not pursuing my fantasy was eating away at my heart

 Onyxlibra7:                As my desires arose so did my passion and I had to release it. After that I slept like a baby and to my surprise I was awaken by a knock

 BaddestDiva35:         I tried to see who this man was by peeping out of my window. I then realized that it was Trey!…he came back

 MrsTreySongz4ev: With a dozen of roses and a box of chocolates

Lucyluvsjanya:         I tried to hurry and freshen up a little before I opened the door

 Songzcougars:        Once I finally opened the door he said, ” Hi babe, I wanted to give this to you earlier but I didn’t have a chance to, may I come in?” my mind said no but my heart said yes….so I said yes and

 Lucyluvsjanya:      As he walked in all I could do was stare at his gorgeous face and his sexy body

 06trey54:                 I led him into the living room, lit a few candles and told him I’ll be right back

 Chrissy_on_Ice:   He said, ” babe your looking so lovely I’m thinking about you loving me, kissing me and touching me

 Songzcougars:       I smirked and gave him a wink and said, ” in due time” so I hurried to the bathroom to finish freshening up as I returned

 BaddestDiva35:    I wanted to let him know that I wanted to make love to him, but I had to fall back and keep myself together.

 Heavensbest_ttu: So as we were talking his phone began to ring, he paused and looked at the number, pressed ignore and continued talking. A few minutes later the phone began to ring again

 oneshadowlove:  I could tell that he was disturbed by the phone call because the line on his forehead began to wrinkle. He finally answered the phone and walked out of  the room.

Oneshadowlove:   When he returned I asked, ” that was an important phone call huh?” he said, ” it’s nothing, don’t worry about that call” but I couldn’t help but worry

 Lucyluvsjanya:     So I just sat there with my thoughts driving me crazy, who could he be talking to this late and what were they talking about

BaddestDiva35:     Something didn’t feel right. So I leaned towards him and asked, ” Who was that on the phone?…” he wouldn’t answer me.

 Oneshadowlove:    And to my surprise another phone began to ring over and over. I said, ” it must be nice to have 2 phones?” while looking at his phone, he shook his and head and said, ” I guess” in a sarcastic tone

 Songzcougars:        He must have felt my piercing eyes staring at him because he looked up,apologized for his tone and suggested that we go to breakfast.

 Chrissy_on_Ice:    After I got dressed we headed out to breakfast. On the way his phone rang  again, he looked at it but did not answer.

 Heavensbest_ttu:  So we ended up at IHOP, I ordered the grand slam but all of a sudden he lost  his appetite and didn’t want to eat

 Shantelly84:            As I slowly ate my bacon, I stared at him trying to figure out what the caller said that could possibly cause him not to eat

 Onyxlibra7:             So I asked, ” what’s wrong….what’s going on?” He replied ” it was someone from my past, my ex-girlfriend and that I rather not talk about it”

 Chrissy_on_Ice:   With strong conviction in my eyes, I advised him that “I am not into playing games”, he comforted me with his words by saying, ” Babe I will never play games with you, I will always keep it one hundred”

 Oneshadowlove:   I asked him to take me home because I didn’t need any drama and it was obvious that he needed to take care of his personal business.

 Heavensbest_ttu: So as we drove home, it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. Once we arrived at my house, he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said that he would call me later. I said ok and got out.

 Oneshadowlove:   So as I walked in the house, I hadn’t even closed the door yet before he sped off. Him speeding off let me know that this ex-girlfriend might be more trouble than what I needed right now

 Chrissy_on_Ice:    I knew I was in for a wild ride with this man, but is he really worth it???

Oneshadowlove:     I didn’t hear from him for a few days. I wanted to pick up the phone and tell him a few things on my mind, but I thought about it and decided it would have been a waste of time.

 Onyxilbra7:             I made the decision that I wasn’t going to let it stress me out. I decided to go to  the gym early in the day and

 Oneshadowlove:    And for the rest of the day, I would have a pamper me day. I was doing so well at being independent until he showed up in my life. So I went shopping and decided to stop to have a bite to eat

 Songzcougars:       And that’s when I ran into David. Now David is fine! He is what you would call Tall, Dark, and Handsome. He has a great personality and killer charm. Not to mention that he really knows how to treat a lady.

 Heavensbest_ttu: He was someone that I dated throughout my college years. We decided to end our relationship after grad school so that we could pursue our careers.

 Songzcougars:      Even though David had already finished eating and was getting ready to leave,he decided to stay so that we could continue talking. We talked for hours and he really put my mind at ease. While we were still enjoying each other’s company

 MrsTreySongz4ev: My phone began to ring… was Trey

 BaddestDiva35:       I didn’t want to answer because I wasn’t feeling up to any bad news but I answered it anyway, I said hello just as dry and bland as I could. He could sense that I wasn’t in the talking mood. He then said ” I just wanted to say HI and check on you and apologize for not calling in the last few days.

 Oneshadowlove:    I said, ” Trey I’m fine. You do you and I will definitely do me” He replied, ” Why are you acting like you’re in the middle of something?” Then David spoke. Trey asked, ” did I just hear a dude’s voice?” I could tell in his voice that it hit a nerve

 Onyxilbra7:             I said, ” yes, that was David and I am in the middle of something so I will have to call you back later tonight goodbye”. I didn’t even wait to hear him saygoodbye before I hung up the phone.

Songzcougars:          I quickly apologized to David for being rude. He understood and accepted my apology. We continued to talk and made plans to go out that night.

 Heavensbest_ttu:  As soon as I got home, I called Trey. My heart was pounding because I wasn’t sure exactly how our conversation was going to go.

Songzcougars:          I was surprised when he answered on the first ring. I thought it was cute how he tried not to seem as if he was concerned or jealous of the fact that I was talking to David.

Songzcougars:         He asked if he could come over that night so we can talk. I told him that I wasn’t sure because I had already made plans. He asked (in a jealous tone) “you have plans with David tonight” I didn’t answer. ” Well can you please call me when you get home tonight. I really want to see you……I miss you babe”

 BaddestDiva35:      I said, ” oh do you?, well I will call you when I get home. hung up the phone and began getting ready for my date with David.


Chapter 4

 Songzcougars:        As I primped in the mirror preparing for my date with David, all I can do was think about Trey. I did not feel comfortable about his ex

Oneshadowlove:    Girlfriend calling him out of the blue. I decided that I would try David out so I wouldn’t have Trey so heavy on my mind.

Chrissy_on_Ice:    But I knew that I still wanted to see what it was going to be like with Trey

 Oneshadowlove:    I had my hands full because they both brought something to the table. Trey was a gentleman but barely had time for his lady. David was nice and sweet and we have a history together.

 Chrissy_on_Ice:     As I continued to get ready, my phone rang, It was Trey but I did not answer

Heavensbest_ttu:    So I finished putting the finishing touches to my hair and make-up and the door bell rung. It was only 7:30pm and I wasn’t expecting David until 8pm

 Songzcougars:        As I opened the door, it was Trey! holding 3 dozen of beautiful long steam red roses. I was speechless…more so because

 Oneshadowlove:    A few seconds later David pulled up

 Heavensbest_ttu:  So as Trey stood at the door and David walked up, it felt like my heart stopped beating…I didn’t know what to say or what to do

Onyxilbra7:               But I did what any respectable honest women would do, I introduced them “Trey this is David, David this is Trey”

Chrissy_on_Ice:     Both men surrounding me like each of them had claims to their woman. Trey gave me this look like are you serious???…you’re going to choose this busta over me? the whole time we were standing there, I could feel the tension rising between both men

 Oneshadowlove:   David tried to give Trey a handshake but Trey just looked at his hand like whateva nigga….then he said , “let me talk to you” I said no, so Trey turned to David and said

 Onyxilbra7:          “Man I know you’re about to take out my princess but I’m dat prince. Then Trey turned to me and said, ” I’ll see you later” then he kissed me on the cheek and walked away

 Songzcougars:       I stood there in Awww. I couldn’t help but to grin on the inside, I thought to myself I’M THE ISH!!…OWWWW

 Heavensbest_ttu: So after that awkward moment at the door, David and I proceeded on our date

 Oneshadowlove:   After that I didn’t know how I was going to give David my all on this date. However I was impressed on how he was taking all of this so well.

Chrissy_on_Ice:    For sure I knew that I wanted to be with Trey. He made me feel like he wanted me to fight for us and this relationship that we could have.

 Oneshadowlove:   As we left David didn’t waste any time asking me how I felt about Trey. I was lost for words, how do I put this without offending him

 Songzcougars:        I told David the truth about how I felt about Trey and also how I felt about him. He was very understanding and still wanted to spend the rest of the evening with me.

 Onyxlibra7:          So I decided to enjoy the rest of the night with David and handle the emotional garbage later. First stop. One of the most extravagant lavish restaurant in GA

 Chrissy_on_Ice: The food was spectacular and the conversation with David was great too but I still couldn’t get my mind off Trey.

 Songzcougars:     After dinner, we went to the Opera and then for a late stroll down the shoreline I noticed that I had 2 messages from Trey that I really wanted to check

 Oneshadowlove: So I asked him to excuse me while I go to the ladies room I jetted off and dipped into one of the stall and read the messages from Trey. My heart melted

Chrissy_on_Ice:    The night was going so well with David but something was missing. I needed to talk to my girlfriend Chrissy to talk things over. So finally my date ended with David and I immediately called her. I knew she would give me some good advice and help me clear my head.

 Oneshadowlove:    Chrissy answered and said “sup girl” I told her what was going on. She was silent for a minute and then asked, ” so what are you going to do?”

 MrsTreySongz4ev: I was so confused. I was hoping she could answer that question for me

 Oneshadowlove:     So Chrissy said, ” let me ask you one thing, have you slept with either one of them?” I answered, ” Hell naw!” Good, then go with your heart because that’s real. she also told me to

 Onyxlibra7:             Follow my spirit, It never fails. My mind was always on Trey, my heart skipped for him and my spirit was with him. So I did just that. I called Trey, he answered, ” Hey babe, you ready for me now?” I said with so much anticipation

 Oneshadowlove:    I’ve been ready for you. my goal is for us to have One Heart One Mind One Love no matter what. He said, “that’s wassup, I’m on my way”

 BaddestDiva35:      I wanted to tell him how much I missed him and even when I was with David all I did was think of him, but I wanted to play my cards right

 Songzcougars:        My phone rang, it was Trey telling me to look outside my window. There he stood with 3 dozens of long steam roses and a big teddy bear!. I smiled from ear to ear and then ran downstairs. I opened the door and practically jumped in his arms. We came into the house, sat down and began talking.

 Oneshadowlove:    He asked, ” what should we talk about babe?” I said, ” that damn phone call that you were trying to hide from me. His crazy eyebrows lifted in amazement as if he wasn’t expecting me to bring that up. I guess I shocked the hell out of him.

 Chrissy_On_Ice:    I said, ” Trey, the situation with your ex-girlfriend needs to be completely resolved

 BaddestDiva35:     He said, ” I know, she trying to get back with me and I told her that I’m involved with you and she didn’t want to take no for an answer”.

 Oneshadowlove:    I advised him that he needs to take care of it or I will!. He said in a playful way, ” you want me babe?” I said, ” of course I will ride or die for you Trey”

 Onyxilbra7:            He replied, “Well I’d rather you ride” IT” for me but hey…it’s whatever you want babe”


Chrissy_on_Ice:    I couldn’t help but to crack a smile, “Trey be serious!” I said. “There is plenty time for that, trust me, I won’t disappoint you when that time comes”.

 Oneshadowlove:  Then he gave me that million dollar smile. However that was only for a minute because he definitely asked about David. ” So tell me about that busta what’s his name?” I said, ” You know his name is David” then he replied, ” Yeah whatever, so what’s up with bruth?”

 BaddestDiva35:    I replied, ” Nothing, he was just being a friend to me while I was going through my situation with you, that’s all.” So he said, “ok”.

 Songzcougars:      We continued to talk about everything that happened over the last few days. I was so happy that Trey and I had finally had a chance to address all of our issues and concerns and that we also had an understanding of where we stand with each other and our relationship so that we can move forward

Oneshadowlove:     In the middle of our conversation, he began to rub my inner thigh and leaned over moving those pouty lips and asked, ” you want to get this fairytale on?”

Chrissy_on_Ice:   Then he gave me that sexy smile to try to distract me from what he just said So I replied, “excuse me” then he repeated the question

Oneshadowlove:    I wanted to say yes but out my mouth came a soft no. He looked at me like are you serious?!

Onyxlibra7:             I said, ” babe this is not a fairytale for me, you are as real as it gets and that’s why I want to make sure that this is the right thing for us to do.

 BaddestDiva35:    He looked at me and said, ” I feel you babe, I didn’t mean to pressure you like that, I’m sorry babe”

 SamaraLeeshell:    But the way he looked at me was like no other man has ever looked at me before, then he said, ” you know that you’re the only one for me”

 Chrissy_on_Ice:   I felt he was being honest and my guard was slowly fading for those bedroom eyes and those enticing lips. I couldn’t resist him anymore, I wanted to have my way with him right now and I didn’t care if the neighbors could hear.

Onyxlibra7:            He looked me straight in my eyes and pushed my hair behind my ear..the touch of his fingertips caused every hair on my body to stand up

Oneshadowlove:    I noticed that he began to kiss on my neck and his warm breath was the smell of a sweet aroma like spearmint gum… felt so good

BaddestDiva35:     He told me to relax and I did, I was prepared for anything, then he instructed me

Onyxlibra7:            To stand up, my nipples were erect and not only was my body calling for him,my body needed him. I wanted this man so bad..

Chrissy_on_Ice:    I could feel the heat rising, I couldn’t keep my hands off his masculine body

 Heavensbest_ttu:  He said, “babe wait, I brought those roses for a reason” So he grabbed the roses and then picked me up and carried me upstairs to the bed

Oneshadowlove:    I needed Trey to make me erupt like a volcano and to have me screaming,scratching, yelling to make our union complete.

Chrissy_on_Ice:   The touch of his lips traveled down my neck. It felt so good I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning

 Onyxlibra7:           He then grabbed my ear and began to suck on it a little while his hand ran up and down my spine. I’d begin to feel ecstasy.

 Songzcougars:       So he pulled a single rose from the 3 dozen of roses he brought me and began to pull each petal off one by one. With each petal he outlined my body from head to toe, following each stroke with a kiss

 Chrissy_on_Ice:   I thought to myself, what is this man doing to me, I have to have him now, he was so much in control so I had to do something to stop him from having so much power over me.

 Heavensbest_ttu: So to gain control of the situation, I offered him a massage. He begin to take his shirt off, his muscles were glistening like oil

 Oneshadowlove:    All 10 tattoos of his made me want to trace each and every one of them with my tongue.

 Chrissy_on_Ice:   I pushed him down on the bed and told him to “buckle up”

Onyxilbra7:             I started with his head. I ran my fingers from back to front and front to back while I watched his eyes roll back in his head

 Chrissy_on_Ice:   I told him, “babe you’re going to need to take off more than just your shirt” in a whisper tone I asked him, ” are you ready for the ride of your life?”

 MrsTreySongz4ev:    As we kissed, he bit my bottom lip and my body began to cream….heavily

 Oneshadowlove:          He told me, “I want you on top and then it’s my turn”

 MrsTreySongz4ev:     I couldn’t wait to give him a sticky face

Oneshadowlove:          I began to feel his nature rise and I was oh so gracious of how endowed he was. So I went for the gold (magnum that is) and got on top and begin to kiss him softly and passionately. I also began to rub my favorite part of his chest in a circular motion….he closed his eyes

 Songzcougars:            He then begin to caress my body, every spot on my body that had an “opening”  he had a “closing” for….so he then slowly entered into my waterfall and we both exhaled in ecstasy

Oneshadowlove:        Then he asked, ” do you want it fast or slow?” BOOM! I got even more wet, I was wetter than a pool in the summertime

 Chrissy_on_Ice:       It felt so good to feel his breath and tongue on my breast. I wanted him to leave his mark on my body. He started to moan ” aww babe don’t stop”

 MrsTreySongz4ev:  The feeling of each stroke was amazing

 Songzcougars:           So as we erupted over and over and over again, our love had officially went from “full” to “empty” As we laid there in each other’s arms I said,


Your foreplay is like “WEAPONS OF SEDUCTION,” He smiled and obliged me by saying, If you think that’s something, wait until you see “SONGZ AFTER DARK”……………..



   I hope you enjoyed the book. Thank you ladies so much for all your help and support, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for each and every one of you!! I love you Cougars. You guys are the best THANK YOU AGAIN! I want to send a special thank you to @TheFltAttendant @Oneshadowlove and @Syneee_ttu for helping me behind the scene. Thank you so much ladies I really appreciate you. Last but certainly not least to the inspirer for this book Mr. Tremaine “Trey Songz” Neverson. We love you so much and we thank GOD for sending us such a unique person. May GOD continue to bless you in all your endeavors!




















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